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Welcome to The Maintenance Corner. The Maintenance Corner is a little corner of the internet dedicated to the maintenance profession.

The Maintenance Corner is a place where Construction Students, Maintenance Officers, Planned Maintenance Officers, Estate Officers, Surveyors and other property professionals can update their knowledge and check out new surveying tech coming to the market.

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Here at the maintenance corner we also have a deep appreciation of historic structures so I will be bringing regular blog posts and drone videos on a variety of castles and abbeys across the UK.

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Construction student

Your blogs in general have been very useful for me personally as a young building surveyor, I have read almost all of them and they have been very informative. Keep up the good work!

Customer care rep at tech company

Thanks ever so much for the links. I read them all and I must  say you write beautifully. Even for me (not into building/construction on the day to day) it is very clear and easy to follow. So I’m sure for your own readers, it’s a great way of getting more info.

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