Welcome: The Journey Begins

Welcome to The Maintenance Corner. The Maintenance Corner is a little corner of the internet dedicated to maintenance, primarily in the context of social housing. My site is also called The Maintenance Corner because in the office I work in the maintenance team is nestled in the corner of the office. The intention is to coverĀ  a wide variety of construction related topics such as:

  • Building dampness
  • Structural movement in buildings
  • Building pathology
  • Timber pests and infestations
  • Gas safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Wider health and safety topics such as asbestos, legionella and fire safety

I will carry out product reviews on surveying equipment where it makes sense to do so. There will also be more light think pieces and drone footage of historic structures and buildings of interest. I hope is that this site will be fun and insightful for the building professional and educational for the construction student.

Learn. Adapt. Inspire.


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