Product Review: Lascar’s EL-USB-2-LCD Data Logger

Recently I have looked at a number of different data loggers from the Protimeter BLE to the Tramex DL-RHTX. I will be exploring in this review whether Lascars EL-USB-2-LCD can stand up to scrutiny against some of the other leading data loggers on the market.

In this review I will be referring frequently to the EL-USB-2-LCD and the EL-USB-2.To reduce the confusion when discussing these devices I will refer to them as LCD and USB-2 mostly throughout this review. I feel it makes it an easier read and easier to distinguish between the different iterations of the device.

LCD and USB comparison

Initial Impressions

The LCD logger comes packaged in a small box with its mount and instructions. It’s a very compact and sleek design. There is a single button and small LCD screen which fits comfortably onto the USB logger and is clear enough to easily see the readings. The readings the logger will display are:

  • Current temperature
  • Current relative humidity
  • Max / Min temp reading taken during the logging session
  • Max / Min RH reading taken during the logging session

The logger can record over 16,000 readings which is more than adequate for the purpose of conducting damp surveys where you might want to leave the loggers in place for two or three weeks.

As with the GFX logger, the LCD logger uses tekcell sb-aa02 batteries which are non-rechargeable 1/2 AA lithium batteries. It is worthwhile ordering a few of these up as you are unlikely to come across this battery type in your local supermarket.

The LCD device mount is an improvement from the USB-2. The USB-2 has a top positioned clasp which I found I very rarely used in practice. The LCD has a side mount with a magnetic strip and two screw holes. This is a better mount for a number of reasons. The first would be that it feels more robust and secure than the USB-2’s offering and secondly it allows for more possibilities for fixing with the screw points.


Lascar have made improvements to the lid of the device by making the rim of the transparent lid slightly thicker to mitigate against breakages. This is a problem I have encountered in older models of the USB-2. I believe in future models, different types of lid fixing arrangements are going to be explored.

Compared to the Protimeter and Tramex data loggers, Lascars EL-USB-2-LCD does come in at the cheapest. This does not include the data pad which in my opinion is an essential bit of kit but the loggers are overall still very cost effective.

Set Up and Download of Data

When using the data pad, the Lascar USB loggers are lightning fast to set up, quicker than any device I have set up to date. The data pad is well worth the investment as it not only speeds up the time it takes to set up the loggers but allows you to set the devices up whilst on site.

Once the logger has completed its session you can stop the logger and gather the data using either the data pad or your PC by inserting the logger direct with its USB connection.

set up of LCD logger

If you have a bunch of loggers on site you can download the data on to the data pad where you can view the graph data and then transfer the data on to your PC to analyse the data further.

The EasyLog USB software gives you a very simple and clean looking graph which gives all the info you need to complete a condensation survey. You can zoom into areas of interest, view the data as a long list and export the data in a variety of formats like JPEG, CSV, PDF and EXCEL. If you have multiple loggers on the go you can open up multiple graphs and check them out side by side by minimising the screen. This will allow you to check out the results of different loggers against each other which can provide important information about what is going on in the property.

EasyLog graph data


Lascars USB data loggers are the perfect solution for conducting dampness surveys. They are simple to use, fast to set up and are easily transported.

At first I was sceptical about having a data logger with a display screen but the EL-USB-2-LCD has won me over. It gives the user more information at their fingertips without being overbearing. It doesn’t let the user change settings or stop the logger using the button and display which is useful within the social housing context.

Lascar gives you exactly what you need and no more. A no nonsense data logger that works consistently and reliably to give accurate results.

In my opinion the EL-USB-2-LCD is one of the best data loggers on the market in terms of value for money, speed to set up and ease of use.

EasyLog USB kit

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