Drone Footage: Selection of Stunning 360 Photos

I have written previously about the potential of VR for surveying by viewing by allowing people to take 360 photos using the likes of a Mavic Air 2 or handheld 360 camera and exploring areas at a later date through the wonder of virtual reality.

I have selected a few of my recent favourite 360 photos that I have taken using the MAvic Air 2. I just love hearing the expressions of awe when I show friends and family photos using the Oculus Quest (soon to be Oculus Quest 2 when it arrives). It brings a level of immersion that can actually be really quite special. The photos below are from Whitelee wind farm, Laigh Milton Viaduct, Loch Eck, Dundonald castle, Auchans Castle and Greenan Castle. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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